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Sandpoint Folk School

Teaching Arts, Crafts, and Skills of Sustainable Living


Welcome to Sandpoint Folk School!

Sandpoint Folk School was created to provide for sharing of skills and interests in our community.  Our community abounds with teachers wanting to share their interests, knowledge, and skills, and people wanting to learn new skills, ideas, and experiences.  Our focus in on practical skills that enhance a sense of accomplishment and sustainability.  This can include a wide range of topics and can be presented in a variety of formats including group classes, lectures, and individual classes.

Although we do not currently have a physical location, our teachers are able to conduct classes in a variety of spaces throughout the community.

We are looking for volunteers to join some of our core committees and/or join our teaching staff.  If you have skills or talents in helping us with marketing, publicity, website, administrative or teacher support, or have a passion you would like to teach, please contact us at Sandpoint Folk School

 New Class this October

Also See October class Schedule

Basic Energy Medicine Classes!

So what is Energy Medicine?  This is how Donna Eden, a clairvoyant and amazing healer, puts it. “Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down”. “Balancing your energies, balances your body’s chemistry, regulates your hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you think better. It can be used to overcome illness, and keep you strong and resilient.”  It’s her work that I’ve been studying this past year. I will be sharing parts of what I’ve learned from this amazing women over the next 5 weeks.  Come learn how you can raise your energy levels, keep your body systems running healthy, relieve yourself of pain and stress, and prevent diseases.  This class is free!

Energy Systems

When: Every Tuesday @ 5:30-7:00, starting Oct. 22- Nov. 19th

Where: Karie’s Office, 418 Pine Street, park in the alley, behind Hendricks Architecture

Oct. 22 – 5 Minute Daily Energy Routine: developed by Donna Eden, that will correct energy patterns/imbalances in your body.  It helps you to revitalize, balance hormones, correct dyslexia, maintain mental clarity, coordination, & jet lag, just to name a few.

Oct. 29 – Meridians:  Learn what meridians are, what they do and how to keep all your organs healthy and energized.

Nov. 5 – 5 Chinese Elements:  Learn how they apply to you and the world around you.  Helps you to understand your relationships with others.

Nov. 12 – Triple Warmer (TW):  What is it and how an over-active TW causes auto-immune diseases, hot flashes, and other stresses.  Learn to keep it under control.

Nov. 19 – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):  Learn a simple technique to release emotional issues from your body.  Works on pains, headaches, past traumas, etc.

Call Karie @ 208-659-9000, or email kariek@sandpoint.net with questions.  You don’t need to attend every class, but they do build on each other and would be helpful.